Auto Accidents in Winston-Salem NC

chiropractic care helps patients with vertigo

Whether you find yourself involved in a low-speed fender bender or high-speed collision it’s important to get checked by a chiropractor in Winston-Salem NC as soon as possible.

In an accident, your body is going from moving very fast to a sudden stop. Or more commonly, if you’re sitting at a stop and someone hits you, you go from a stop to a sudden quick motion.

Your spine is made up of multiple smaller segments that can each individually move. When your muscles are yanked during an accident they don’t have a chance to stabilize. Just as an adjustment can quickly put your bone back in place, an abrupt motion that occurs during an accident also can put your bones out of place. Ligaments and tissues surrounding the spine can become damaged and whiplash is a common injury.

How Chiropractic Can Help in Winston-Salem NC?

Drug-free and non-invasive chiropractic adjustments can help in the overall healing of your body to make sure your spine heals correctly. Specifically, chiropractic can address herniated/bulging discs and whiplash.

“I encourage people to get into our practice as quickly as possible after a car accident, so they have fewer long-term effects,” said Dr. Jamaal.

What Happens If I Delay Seeking Care?

Unfortunately, many patients have come in later on after their pain has slowly gotten worse from a car accident they had years ago. Various issues can crop up. “For example, if I look at someone’s neck and they have clear ligament damage-I can see that because the bones aren’t stacked up as they should be; one can be pretty far shifted forward or backward on top of the other,” said Dr. Jamaal.

Bone spurs and thinning of the discs are both signs of degenerative arthritis that accelerated because of that car accident-because the person never got it treated.

Yes. If we see a fracture on an X-ray we can refer you out for care.

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