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Pain is a warning signal, much like the “check engine” light on your car. It’s your body’s way of saying, “Hey, something isn’t right here!” That something is dysfunction. Your body is an entire system that works together. If a part isn’t working as it should, you start to feel pain.

As a chiropractor in Winston-Salem NC, Dr. Rahman’s job is to figure out where those areas of dysfunction are, particularly the joints that aren’t moving as they should. He applies a chiropractic adjustment to make the joint mobile again, which will improve how your entire body functions.

The Gonstead System

Dr. Rahman is a practitioner of the Gonstead Technique, which involves five vital components:

  • Visualization. Your gait may be observed, and any swelling or redness around the spine will be examined.
  • Static Palpation. Your spine and muscles will be touched to determine where areas of tenderness are.
  • Nervo-Scope®. This instrument reads the temperature around your spine to identify any areas that need help.
  • X-Ray Analysis. This allows us to see any malformations or misalignments.
  • Motion Palpation. The movement around the joint will be felt to see whether a joint is stuck.

A thorough analysis is carried out on every single one of your visits at Burke Mill Chiropractic. It gives an incredibly scientific approach to your care.

The Zone technique

The human body is a harmonious interplay of six systems or zones: glandular, eliminative, nervous, digestive, muscular, and circulatory. In the context of the Zone Technique, any problem you could be having is due to a disturbance in one or more of these six zones. The disturbance affects how the centers of the brain communicate and control every cell and organ within each zone.

Beyond traditional spine alignment, the Zone Technique involves targeted stimulation of the spinal cord, fostering balance in the brain's centers. This re-establishes seamless communication throughout your body, paving the way for balance, vitality, and optimal health.

Picture a balanced body - one that feels incredible functions flawlessly, and radiates peak well-being. A regular program of Chiropractic adjustments results in more energy, better health, and an increased natural resistance to stress and disease.

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Additional Modalities in Winston-Salem NC

To warm up before your adjustment, you can take advantage of our massage tables (intersegmental traction) and electrical stimulation devices. These will help relax your muscles and joints, making your adjustment easily carried out.

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