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Every professional team knows this: a chiropractor is an essential part of their health care team. There’s plenty of research out there, with countless studies demonstrating the advantages of being adjusted when you’re in a sport.

If you want your body working as best as it possibly can, come to Burke Mill Chiropractic. You can recover quickly from an injury, prevent further injury or maximize your performance with our care. See how our chiropractor in Winston-Salem NC can help you.

Sports and Active lifestyle care in Winston-Salem NC

When you’re active, the last thing you want is to have to face time away from your chosen activities. Chiropractic will make sure your joints are moving properly so that you don’t get injured. If you experience a form of dysfunction and continue down that road, it will harm your body. You can think of it as driving on low tires. You can do it, but it will ruin your rims.

It’s important to attend to any problems as quickly as possible.

All Levels of athletes Welcome

Weekend warrior, pro athlete, or everyone in between: anyone can benefit from chiropractic. Dr. Rahman’s patients include people who participate in baseball, football, mixed martial arts, taekwondo, and more.

Contact Burke Mill Chiropractic today to schedule your appointment for sports/active lifestyle care in Winston-Salem! Same-day visits are available.

Golf, Softball, Baseball, and More

One of Dr. Rahman’s patients was a man who got adjusted and found that he could swing his golf club far better when he was adjusted.

A woman who played recreational softball was in terrible pain after every practice. After receiving care, she could play without any discomfort.

Another ballplayer was a young man who planned on becoming a pro baseball player. When he threw, he’d get horrible elbow pain. Dr. Rahman worked on the young man’s neck and elbow, and he is now pain-free.

Do More of What You Love

Dr. Rahman is passionate about helping people get back to doing the things they love. As an active person, he understands the importance of being able to move around without worrying about pain or dysfunction.

Sprained ankles are a particularly common condition that is misunderstood. Once you’ve sprained your ankle, it will likely keep occurring. Dr. Rahman will zero in on the cause of your ankle pain, which may be in the knee, hip, pelvis or low back. Our approach will get everything moving like it should, letting you heal and function properly.

The Advantages of Being Under Care

When you are regularly adjusted, you can feel confident that you’ll move better and have a higher standard of performance in your chosen activity. With the right mobility, you’re less likely to get injured. And if you do get hurt, chiropractic will help you heal and return quickly to the game.

Are there additional fees for this service?

No there are no extra fees for sports chiropractic, outside of our regular office fees. The modalities have an extra fee which are covered by most insurances that we accept in office. Our front desk staff will go over specific costs based on your plan.

Do I need to fill in any additional paperwork for this service?

The only paperwork needed are the new patient intake forms. There is no extra for sports chiropractic.

How long before my golf game improves?

Your golf game will hopefully improve as your body improves whether that’s after 1 adjustment or 10. That’s if you were any good at golf in the first place.

How does chiropractic care help with a sprained ankle?

When your ankle is sprained it is most likely slightly sitting in the joint incorrectly. Once the damaged tissues heal, your joint will need to be adjusted to sit in the joint properly and therefore be as functional and mobile as possible (depending on the severity of the injury). Consult with us for free today to see if we can help based on your injury!

What sports do you participate in, and how did chiropractic care help you?

I have participated in football, track, baseball and martial arts. All of these sports relied on my body to be in top shape and that includes dysfunction free as well as conditioning. Before chiropractic I pushed through the pain until I could not bear it anymore. Now I receive regular care to make sure I can move and play pain free and at my best.

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