Chiropractic Testimonials

"I started seeing Dr. Rahman to help ease my back and leg pain caused by pregnancy. I was very impressed to have a doctor that listened to all my complaints without dismissing them."

- Isabella M.

"Clean, fresh environment. Attentive staff. Compassionate and competent care."

- Angela M.

"Chiropractic care gave me my life back."

- Latisha W.

"Dr. Jamaal is very professional and not only wants to fix your back, he wants to help your body feel better, which we all want. He really wants to make your overall health better!"

- David B.

"Great vibe in the office and Dr. Jamaal is amazing. Listened intently, explained the plan, and is just an all-around nice guy. Also loved the fact that he takes x-rays to better inform his decision-making. Make an appointment ASAP!"

- Derrick S.

"Very friendly staff and loving people. Looking forward to correcting my spine and putting my T2 back into place. It was no coincidence that Dr. Jamaal and I met. I’m very particular about people especially in my current circumstances. I know I can trust him because I was referred to him by a really good friend and he comes into the gym I go to give basic check-ups."

- Michael L.

"I am a retinal surgeon by profession. I developed lumber spondylitis resulting in severe pain in my lower back. The spasm extended to my neck as well. Dr. Jamaal’s name was suggested to me by my sister. He gave me excellent treatment, which relieved my pain and spasm. I can now do my surgical work for long hours. Dr. Jamaal is a master of his profession and I am thankful for his help."

- Dr. Parag A.

"I suffered from severe migraines that would keep me from working. I had been to other chiropractors and had some relief but nothing that lasted long term. Dr. Rahman listened to me and made a change to the adjustments. I am able to go longer between adjustments and the migraines became less."

- Katie B.

"Dr. Jamaal is amazing! After he started adjusting me, I was having less headaches, less neck pain, and was taking less medication. Dr. Jamaal was very professional and make me feel welcomed and never rushed."

- Tracy H.

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