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Pregnancy Chiropractic

mom and dad waiting for babyDuring pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes rapid and dramatic changes-not just hormonally but also structurally and physically. Many women experience pelvic pain, mid-back pain, and lumbar (low-back) pain.

When pregnant, you’re adding extra weight to your spine that it’s not used to carrying. Those extra pounds can cause discomfort that chiropractic can help with. As medication isn’t an option during pregnancy, drug-free chiropractic care can help keep moms-to-be comfortable.

Gentle & Comfortable Adjustments

Pelvic adjustments can help shift the pelvis to its optimal position which also may allow your baby to get into the proper birth position. Dr. Rahman can use trigger point therapy to address the round ligament in front that can tighten up and cause some pain later on in the third trimester.

The primary table that Dr. Rahman uses in the office is adjustable so he can open up the stomach piece so that the belly can hang through.

We also have a knee chest table that involves the patient kneeling comfortably on a padded cushion, and resting their chest on a chiropractic adjusting table. With this table, pregnant patients can get on their hands and knees and their belly completely hangs unobstructed. On the bench, patients can safely get adjusted on their side. Every table in our practice can be used even in the third trimester.

Because X-rays, of course, aren’t an option during pregnancy, we will rely on a visual test to see how your hips are rotated, either in a standing or lying-down position. Dr. Rahman also will check all the joints in your body, looking for ones that aren’t moving properly.

Dr. Rahman is gentle with all his patients but especially with pregnant patients who are concerned as to whether an adjustment will harm their unborn child. Adjustments are very safe and he is always as gentle as possible.

It depends on how you are feeling and doing. We may recommend that you come in weekly or every other week to help you be as comfortable as possible throughout your pregnancy.

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